Well-known Houston troublemakers duct tape friend to moving car

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Updated 3:15 pm, Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A trio of young Houstonians have performed a stunt that would make Darwin proud.

The online troublemakers, known as “My House is Clean,” recently posted a video on Instagram of them duct taping their friend to a car and driving 50 mph down one of the city’s freeways.

“What bet did you lost now,” Chavo, the person filming, asks the duct-taped victim. 

“I don’t even want to talk about it,” responds the stuck passenger, adding, “Cash me outside.”

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The driver of the car then heads over a curb and onto a freeway, where he swerves between lanes while being filmed by Chavo in a separate car.

“Check the speed!” shouts the duct-taped victim, known as “Dirty.”

Chavo points the camera to the speedometer,  which shows the car going around 50 miles per hour. 

‘This is how we do with my hostage Dirty,’ he jokes.

DETAILS: Lost bet leaves Houston-area man duct-taped to yield sign pole

The group has performed plenty of other ill-advised shenanigans before.

Last week, another member of the trio, named Matthew, was duct-taped to a pole, resulting in the arrival of Houston police and an ambulance.

The same week, one of the members also jumped into a small pool with stingrays at the Downtown Aquarium. Another, previous lost bet had Matthew superglue his mouth shut. They also stopped traffic to play basketball.

Suffice to say: these stunts are dangerous and should not be attempted at home. 

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