The most-hated thing in Texas is not what you’d think

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What do Texans hate more than anything else?

It’s not landing in rodeo jail or scuffing spiffy cowboy boots. It’s not when cops catch you for stealing a Whataburger number or when some sticky-fingers swipes your six-shooter.

Nope, none of that.

The thing Lone Star Staters hate more than anything else is – drum roll, please – sleeping with a window open.

That’s according to Hater, the Tinder-like dating app where prospective suitors are matched based on their shared hates, including everything from anchovies to border walls to, well, sleeping with a window open.

The app collected user data from each state and came up with the top hates for Texas and its 49 brethren. Some of top-ranked hates make a lot of sense: New York hates Times Square. Connecticut hates winter. Arizona hates sand. New Jersey hates jellyfish – though presumably that’s only because New Jersey Transit wasn’t an option.

And then Utah hates porn, because of course they do.

But some of the other top-ranked loathings are a little more surprising.

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Minnesota despises drinking alone – as if there are other things to do there? And New Hampshire hates God, which is a disturbingly intense choice for a dating app. Wisconsin hates trap music, though it’s hard to imagine that much of it has ever been played there. 

Missouri super-hates people who believe in aliens, but clearly they’re just jealous of New Mexico with its famous Roswell sightings.

Colorado – which clearly has good taste – hates *NSYNC. (Same.)

But what about Texans’ hatred of sleeping with the window open? The app doesn’t collect info on the reasons behind its users’ hate – though someone should really ask North Carolina what it has against DUI checkpoints.

One might venture to guess it’s either because of the horrifying size of the Lone Star State’s flying cockroaches or the sheer hellish heat of Texas summers.

Texans’ other top hates include green tea, reggae concerts and speculating.

But the most predictable findings weren’t the things Texans hate, but the things they don’t. The most-loved thing in Texas was – you guessed it – Texas.

And number two? George W. Bush.

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