Shiner Beer fans looking for Prickly Pear will have to wait another year for the seasonal favorite

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Updated 12:00 pm, Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Shiner Beer fans, there is a reason why you haven’t seen your favorite summer seasonal on store shelves this year. 

Shiner isn’t making its Prickly Pear fruit-flavored beer in 2017, instead taking a year off from the limited-run Texas hit, which is a part of its Brewer’s Pride selections. 

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The tart, citrusy brew has been replaced this summer by Shiner Strawberry Blonde, which features fruit from Poteet, the Strawberry Capital of Texas. 

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All reviews so far from beer nerds place it as another summer win from Shiner, but Prickly Pear’s prickly fans persisted and demanded answers from the brewer.

“We do like to mix things up from time to time, to try out new styles and sometimes bring back old ones,” Shiner spokesperson Eric Webber said Tuesday. “At the same time, like all breweries that make multiple styles, we struggle with the problem of limited available shelf space.”

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There simply isn’t enough room for Prickly Pear this season. Hence the sadness among Prickly Pear fans. 

Maybe next year guys. Who knows, maybe if enough people make a stink, the Shiner people could make Prickly Pear a year-round thing like Ruby Redbird. 

The Spoetzl brewery in Shiner is the oldest independent craft brewery in Texas. Shiner’s been brewing the good stuff since 1909, which makes the brewery 108 years old in 2017.

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