Sellers are filling the market for unopened, 40-year-old soda

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Published 12:49 pm, Sunday, March 26, 2017

Collectors have been known to let booze such as whiskey and wine age for decades. It enhances the flavor and the value.

And, sometimes, it’s just a nice collection to show off to friends.

How does that work with Dr. Pepper? Good question, but apparently there is a market out there.

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College football fans, soft drink enthusiasts and folks who just like old cola can get unopened 44-year-old bottles of Dr. Pepper commemorating the Texas-Oklahoma game from 1973 on eBay. (Oklahoma won 52-13, for what it’s worth.)

The listings for at least four bottles feature photos and say the drink was never opened, which means that soda has been sitting sealed since Richard Nixon was still president.

None of the listings make any suggestion about what to do with the soda inside, instead focusing on the good condition of the bottles.

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It’s probably a safe bet that any buyer wants the bottle for a collection and not to drink vintage Dr. Pepper. At least, drinking it probably isn’t recommended.

So, someone out there may buy this aged drink. And, we hope their wife is very understanding.

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