Phone thieves leave selfies, video in victim’s iCloud

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After realizing her phone had been stolen last week, Bianca Dabi wrote off the device and figured she’d never see the phone or the people who took it again.

Then, the pictures showed up.

Whoever took Dabi’s phone outside an ATM in Dallas last week apparently started taking photos and videos of themselves and their friends. What they didn’t know is, those photos went to the cloud, where Dabi was seeing them pop up with regularity.

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“This just keeps getting better,” Dabi wrote on Facebook. “The culprits actually took video and pics on the stolen phone, which went to iCloud. I like the ones with the cash. Sure they didn’t earn that either.”

Dabi reported the theft to police and found out that the kids who initially asked her for donations before her phone disappeared are known to officers.

So, Dabi put the pictures and a video that were taken with her phone on Facebook, a post that has been shared hundreds of times.

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“I admittedly just wanted to share my disgruntlement, and share a laugh at how idiotic it was to take pics on a stolen phone,” Dabi wrote on Facebook. “With everyone’s shares and post I was able to provide good leads and persons of interest in my police report.”

Now, beyond getting a good laugh at the thieves, Dabi is planning to move on and get a new phone. And, she plans to take steps to keep this one from being stolen.

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