Mom tells child not to be like fidget spinner-swallowing Texas girl; Ends up in hospital anyway

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Published 6:21 pm, Thursday, May 25, 2017

A 5-year-old Oregon child recently underwent surgery to remove a fidget spinner piece he swallowed. 

Prior to the incident, 23-year-old Johely Morelos warned her child of the danger associated with the small toy and showed him the story of a 10-year-old Texas girl who lodged a fidget spinner piece in her throat.

“I showed him pictures and said, ‘Never put that in your mouth,'” Morelos told Buzzfeed News. “I guess he didn’t listen that well.”

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After an unsuccessful visit to their local Albany hospital where doctors were unable to remove the piece, Morelos and her son Cayden were rushed by ambulance to a Portland hospital.

“It was super scary,” said Morelos. “When they were putting a tube down his throat, he was throwing up blood. It was really scary for me to see he was in pain.”

Cayden underwent a two hour surgery and woke up with a swollen lip and sore throat, which he quickly recovered from by the next day.

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Now, Morelos is pushing for a choking hazard warning along with Kids in Danger, a child safety advocacy group.

Don‘t let your kid get a fidget spinner unless you absolutely think that they are responsible enough,” wrote Morelos in a Facebook post warning her friends.

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