Houston Black Lives Matter protester remains jailed in what lawyer says are ‘curious’ circumstances

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A prominent Black Lives Matter activist accused of punching a police horse will remain behind bars for at least two more days after being arrested on her way to court earlier this month.

Shere Dore, 41, was a passenger in a car pulled over for an expired inspection sticker in her Fort Bend County neighborhood on July 6, her attorney said Tuesday. That led to her continued confinement without bail in Harris County.

“I think they’re trying to wear her down,” attorney Jolanda Jones said. “I think her First Amendment rights are being criminalized.”

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Dore was arrested July 6 for warrants stemming from a two-year-old speeding charge. She was on her way to downtown Houston for a routine court appearance, but because she was jailed in Fort Bend, she missed her court date.

Harris County prosecutors moved to have her $2,000 bail revoked because she missed court.

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Now, although her fines in Fort Bend have been settled, Jones said, Dore continues to be held because her bail has been revoked.

“I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but it’s curious to me,” she said. “She missed court because she was on her way to court.”

Jones also said it was suspicious that Dore was arrested just as she was leaving her home, and as a passenger in somebody else’s car.

“She didn’t even get out of her neighborhood,” the attorney said.

After her fines were settled in Fort Bend County, Dore was transferred to the Harris County Jail and she was put on the docket Tuesday. State District Judge Jim Wallace, who is out of town at a judicial conference, is expected to take up the matter on Thursday.

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Jones and attorney Brian Harrison have pointed out that it is unusual that any open warrants did not come up when she was arrested in November 2016.

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In that case, she is accused of punching a police horse at a Donald Trump protest. Jones has steadily maintained her client is innocent.

“There’s not one video of her hitting a horse,” Jones said. “There’s a whole bunch of video from all kinds of angles, from all kinds of people, from all kinds of police interviews and the one thing you never see is her hitting a horse or touching a horse.”


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