Christi Foxx Paris, Austin transgender drag queen, raped and beaten with a hammer

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Published 8:48 am, Thursday, June 1, 2017

The well-known Austin transgender drag queen, Christi Long (a.k.a. Christi Foxx Paris), is speaking out after someone she thought was a friend raped and beat her with a hammer in her home.

According to the Austin Chronicle, Long and the unnamed friend were hanging out at her place over the Memorial Day weekend when he started pressuring her for sex.

“I said no. No means no,” Long told the paper. I told him to get off me and shoved him, but he grabbed my head and forced me down.”

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The assailant refused to leave Long’s home after the attack, so she began yelling. However, the yelling did not deter him and when she tried to escape, he beat her head with a hammer landing Long in the hospital with 12 staples in the back of her head.

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After the attack, Long shared a post to Facebook in an effort to raise awareness for her situation.

“So earlier today, I was beaten nearly to death. I spent all day talking to nurse’s [sic] and lawyers and Advocates i [sic] can’t share all the details. But Sexual Assault is never okay. No Means No even if the person is a transsexual women [sic]. What happened to me I don’t feel like a Victim but someone who is willing to stand up to a bully and that’s exactly what i’m [sic] going to do. Please understand that due to the nature of the case I cannot share all the details till he has been convicted. But there is a chance you might know him just be careful who you hang out with….”

Long is using the experience and trying to make something positive of it. According to KXAN, Long wants to raise awareness about sexual assault, especially in the transgender community.

“No matter what you identify as, you need to come forward if somebody sexually assaults you. You need to contact law enforcement,” Long told the station. “Whenever you say ‘no,’ no means no and it should always mean no.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with her medical expenses as she deals with a court case to try to get her attacker behind bars. 

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