CenterPoint Energy releases a Harvey checklist for Houston-area residents

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Published 11:35 am, Thursday, August 24, 2017

In the aftermath of a tropical storm or hurricane, safety around electrical and natural gas sources should be of the utmost importance to not compound tragedy upon tragedy. 

As Tropical Storm Harvey continues to barrel toward the coast of Texas, energy provider CenterPoint has released a checklist of things for those in its path to remember.

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It should go without saying that staying away from downed power lines. which should all be treated as energized, is important. Downed lines could also be hidden in flood waters, adding even more danger post-storm. 

If you are one of the unfortunate people who get water in your home above the electrical outlets, it’s recommended that a licensed electrician be contacted. 

In addition, any electronic devices or appliances that have been submerged in water should be given a week to dry out before using, though at that one point they might just be bound for the recycling heap. 

Most importantly for those in hot, humid Houston, air conditioning systems that have been under water or mud should be checked first by a technician before use. 

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Natural gas lines can become tricky during flooding as well. 

According to CenterPoint, gas should not be turned off at the meter. Instead, the lines should be turned off at the appliance. As with the electricity, a licensed plumber or gas technician should be contacted before anything is turned back on. 

Be sure and report any natural gas smells, too. 

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